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Simpsons: That Happy Cat Simpsons: That Happy Cat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great work!

Well, I am really happy that my recreation of "worker and parasite" inspired you to make this short movie.
To put things straight:
The movie sticks to the original Simpsons scene, sound and style are great. Though it's a pity that there are apperently so few Simpsons-fans out there...otherwise the score would be much better.

Plebbi responds:

Yeah i know many people just dont get the joke, i thought that almost everybody watches simpsons :S i was just stunned when i saw Worker and Parasite Rated 1.85 just barely on the Portal :s... you just have to see the episode to laugh your ass off while watching it only one thing that is really bad :S that is your sound man :S you should have played the file on your computer and recorded using Nero Wave Editor or simular program and dont make her record the microphone.... or something just record the voicein the computer :S.. that way you get Clear quality like i got with :D Happy cat